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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Back At It!

So I changed my plan for today and restocked Lucky. Mainly because I'm all out and ended up giving it all away last time before I could put up the Etsy listing, and also because I'm out of lye until the UPS man comes. And olive oil. And I just bought more olive oil yesterday? Quel dommage!!

I still have a bit of Vanilla Oak left and I have no idea what to do, scheme-wise, for Sweet Meyer Lemon. Maybe purple, green, and yellow? With my new swirly tools? We'll see once the lye come and the olive oil fairy makes an appearance.

Today I also made fizzy bubble bath cupcakes. I have some Cinnamon Cranberry Fizzy Bubble Bath Cupcakes listed in the shop right now, however I just received a sample of lemon cake fragrance in the Great Fragrance Oil Haul of 2014, so I figured why not make more cupcakes?

Yes, they are on top of frozen chicken and in and amongst frozen veg. I find if I put them in the freezer they tend to hold together better and the "frosting" is less likely to roll off the side and flop down flat. Flopped-down flat cupcake frosting is *not* attractive, it is just sad. They'll come out of the freezer soon. Then they will take part in a photo shoot and be tucked away in boxes, waiting for the day they can bubble and fizz their way to providing you with a delicious, refreshing, bubbly bathing experience =)

And, because I love pictures of pretty soap, is a picture of the Lucky batch.

It gave me a bit of trouble (thickened up like it was it's job before I even added the fragrance oil), but I think it was because I went crazy with the stick blender. It was a big batch, what can I say. I wanted to make sure it was mixed completely. This is made with my favorite mica, Cellini Blue. It's supposed to turn purple, but it's looking kind of mauve-y right now. Either way, I think it's pretty!