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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Worst Blogger Ever? Probably . . . .

I am a terrible blogger. For reals. It has been about 15 years, give or take, since my last post and there is absolutely no excuse!! None at all, I say.

One could argue that I have been busy, however I have weekends off, and if I have time to explore aliens and werewolves in The Sims 2, I could probably set aside some time for soap. I’ve been making soap. I’ve been making it like a mad woman. My kitchen is full of it. My soaping room is full of it. Yes! I have about a half of a room dedicated to soap making!! Woohoo!! I’ve launched the Etsy store, I have a Facebook page that I keep updated, and I talk about soap to anyone who will listen, however the sitting down and typing out a blog post just hasn’t been happening.

One could argue I type all day at work (one does not get reimbursed by MaineCare if one does not write progress notes). I drive a long way to work and back. One could argue many things, however they are all excuses. And the fact remains that soap is far more than a hobby for me, and if it means so much to me, I need to make the effort to share this soapy adoration with the world.

So without further ado: the remake of Verbena and Lemon with my handy-dandy hand-made swirly contraptions!!
Said swirler thingymadendums

And the premiere of my men’s line:  A Well Respected Man.  


I think Sweet Myer Lemon is on deck for tomorrow, and maybe Vanilla Oak, too. And printer ink. I’ve redesigned my packaging (*again*) and need ink if I’m ever going to print the blasted labels out and package like the mad woman that I am =)


  1. That is a handy tool =) All of your swirl soaps turned out beautiful =)

    1. Thanks! I was inspired by Bramble Berry's swirl tools. I may need to invest in sturdy Bramble Berry swirl tools soon =)