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Monday, April 30, 2012

Soap Update!

Since beginning my soapy adventures blog, I’ve shared three batches of soap. All have been unmolded or cut, and I’m excited to show how they came out. 

Mr. Fabulous’s bastille came out of the mold pretty nicely. I was impressed! It was still too soft to cut though, so I saved that for today when I got home from my first day at internship (!!!!). It still has the consistency of firm cookie dough, but it cut beautifully and should cure out to be a fabulous soap.

My rose soap ended up being nicer than I thought it would be. It didn’t turn completely brown, but it did form some ash on the top.
Soda ash forms when the soap cools to quickly, at least that’s what I’ve been told and my experience thus far. I’m not surprised, however, because the chemical reaction in which the soap gets all hot and gelatinous and goes into “gel phase” didn’t extend throughout the entire mold. I also didn’t pop a towel over it as I wanted to see if just the wooden mold by itself would be enough. No worries, though. The soap is still perfectly alright to use, and the ash can be scraped, washed, or steamed off (though I’ve never had any luck with that last method).

Last, but certainly not least, is my lilac soap with the cellini blue mica. I’m going to have another go with the lilac, as my soap forum of choice is having a challenge for the month of May that has to do with floral scented soaps. It will be my first soap picture post there, which makes me excited. My current lilac soap, however, turned out better than I even imagined. The purple color is amazing, the smell is perfect (even has that earthy “dirt” quality that real flowers have), and the soap is just overall awesome. Yay!

I’ve got so much soap. This is just a little bit of it. I can’t wait for it to all cure so I can package it and give it away.

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