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Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Take on a "Spoon Swirl." Oh, Boy.

When I bought my lilac fragrance oil from Bramble Berry, I also grabbed another floral, “baby rose,” as well. Even though my lilac batch went smoothly, I was still concerned about my soap advancing too quickly, so I tried a swirl, but then I lost my head completely.

It started out nice. I mixed my pink (Electric Bubblegum Neon colorant form Bramble Berry) into my oils like before, just to give myself a few more minutes on the other end. Pretty!

Then, I added my lye, mix-mix-mixed, separated out the portion I wanted to make brown, stirred in my fragrance, and poured that soap! Then I swirled. With a teaspoon. I forgot to get a skinny whatsit to swirl with, and I ended up *stirring* it.

 The top is a bit on the ugly side. Let’s hope that the bottom stayed pink, or that my wedding guests don’t open their soap until they get home.

All and all, though, it smells fantastic, and I know it will get the user clean, and that’s really the point of soap, right?

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