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Friday, April 27, 2012

The Packaging Conundrum . . . .

I’ve been fervently making soap for my June 23rd wedding. I wanted to have personalized favors, not the same old things that everyone else has. Bubbles are great for kids, but not so much for grown-ups. My most favorite wedding favors of all time are the mini maple syrups and peach preserves that my friend had at her wedding last fall. They were adorable! (I tried to find a picture of them, :o( but I couldn't.) 

Since I would eventually like to turn this hobby into a business, and since I need my products to be tested by those I trust enough to give me their honest opinion, I thought that soap wedding favors would be perfect. I have my favors taken care of and can get feedback from my friends and family. Yay!  

But how do I package a bar of soap? The bars are too big for boxes, shrink wrap bands require an additional investment in a heat gun, and I tried waxed paper. Fail. Then I found these awesome coffee filters. In my cupboard! Sweet. I’d used them before for round soaps, but I’d never thought to wrap my rectangular bars with them.  They’re absolutely perfect for it, though.

I found a groove, and went to town. I got 27 bars of soap wrapped with my new technique, and watched 3 episodes of "Don't Trust the B-- in Apartment 23" while I was at it. So I'll need to work on my speed, but the finished bars look so cute, I don't even care how long it took.

Coffee filters and No-Wrinkle Elmers Glue Gel, my packaging best buddies :o)